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CashTimeLine in the United Kingdon has effectively implemented Debtpack technology to provide credit management solutions to companies in the UK.
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Effective Invoice Management

That Invoices must be paid on time in full is obvious. How this is achieved is not.

Credit starts with a clearly thought out credit policy and credit management strategy.

How well this works depends on how well the planning, management and enforcement tools are used.

Continued credit provision must be subject to the annual review of the whole credit provision and recovery process from start to finish.

Success comes from the overall performance of the whole credit value chain. It isn't just sales or just bookkeeping.

The  credit value chain is divided into 2 areas:

  • Controllable Risk – those factors which are within your control and you can apply before you give your customer credit;
  • Inherent Risk – the risk that your customer will default on the credit you have granted. This risk differs from organization to organization, because of different terms, types of customers, payment methods and enforcement processes.

We have designed a solution for each step in the credit value chain :

  • Our pre installation scoping service helps you to control inherent risk through the definition of your credit policy and stepping through your credit management processes.
  • Our world-class debt management software ensures that your inherent risk is managed effectively. Our software automates your credit policy and credit management success. This is supported by dash boards and detailed reports. 
  • Our comprehensive support service ensures that we’re always here for you.

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